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[TDS] MotionCam Fibra EN

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[TDS] MotionCam Fibra

Fibra MotionCam Fibra Wired motion detector with a photo camera. The device is compatible only with hubs supporting Fibra protocol. Find the detailed information by QR code or the link: MotionCam Fibra is the device of the new Fibra wired product line. Such devices can only be purchased, installed and administered by accredited Ajax partners. Up to 12 m detection distance and 88.5°/80° viewing angles Up to 640×480 pixels photo resolution Immunity to pets with a weight of up to IR backlight for night mode pictures 20 kg and height up to 50 cm SmartDetect software algorithm to prevent false alarms Available in two versions: with and without Photo on demand functionality Fibra communication technology Fibra is a two-way wired protocol, ensuring fast and secure communication between hubs and devices. Based on a bus connection method, Fibra delivers instant data-rich alarms: security companies and users know which device was triggered, when and where it happened. Fibra features encryption and authentication to prevent forgery, and polling to display device's status in real time. Supporting up to 2,000 m of wired connectivity, Fibra is ready to protect any facilities, and deliver the best user experience for both end users and installers. Technical Data Sheet: MotionCam Fibra 1

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